Business is Funny

Business is funny. At least, that’s my opinion of it.

After 18 years of school, I found myself with a Masters of Business from a Top 50 school and an amazing corporate job. But, you know what!? I never practiced business. I was such a tiny cog in the grand machine that business never really crossed my desk. Now, I have six-figures of student loans and counting (with interest) to pay for these degrees. These things that are supposed to communicate to you my ability to practice business.

But you know, out in the world of business — no one really gives a damn where you got your degree.

My legal counsel didn’t care. When we selected raw materials, the owners didn’t care. When we negotiated with manufacturing in Vietnam, no one cared. The investors didn’t care. In business, no one cares about the degree.

What matters is you. And the hustle and persitance you bring in every situation. This hustle and persitance has brought me here.

I am excited to announce that after 12 months of truly practicing business. After diving head first into designing, developing product, and building a global supply chain to make it a reality — we will be launching on August 29.

Don’t stop dreaming. Take that first step. It just takes ONE. #itookone #thisidavi

Ps. If you want an MBA, check out TCU. 🐸 #goFrogs

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