The future davi

First off, I want to congratulate you for choosing to be a part of davi, but more importantly thank you for joining our team. You could have chosen anywhere to invest your time. You see, time is the only thing on this planet you will receive a finite amount of. Most people think it’s money, but here we believe it is time and we are beyond grateful you chose to invest it with us. We will honor it. 

Whether this is your first job, or you are joining us with years of experience. I want to welcome you to day ONE! I had my day ONE, too. My day ONE began May 31st, 2017 when I walked away from a promising career to step into faith on this journey. Did I know it would be successful? Hell, I still don’t know. But what is success? Success for us is impacting lives. It is saying we never gave up on someone. It is inspiring others to be comfortable being themselves. It is leaving this place better than we found it. It is advancing communities in need everywhere. This is davi. 

Are we perfect? No! We are flawed and broken. We will make mistakes and so will you. We ask that you step up in accountability and own the mistakes. We will, too. You won’t be castigated or thrown out. Our backs will not turn on you. Rather, we will run to you. We will lift you up and rally behind you because that’s what we do. We pick each other up, correct, challenge, and continue to press forward. This is davi.

Feel free to be you. Your identity should not be this building, this brand, the logo, or this job. We want you to find your identity elsewhere. We urge you to find it in your passion. Your dream. We will always encourage and empower you to find it if you haven’t already. If you realize it is not here – go – and please do; without hesitation we will support you. This is davi. 

I want you to dream again. I want you to challenge yourself and step out of comfort over and over again. I implore you to seek guidance from within yourself and not from others. Acceptance and status in life is not something you should measure yourself by. Be you. Be yourself and soon you’ll find the freedom to dream and create. This is davi. 

Celebrate diversity. It is not enough to be diverse in color; let’s also be diverse in thought, experiences, and culture. Look past first impressions and always seek to understand. Celebrate our differences and learn from them. This is davi.  

Finally, you will have your ups and your downs, but always remember the internal reasons why you are here. Whatever the internal reason, it will always bring you back to equilibrium. 

Never forget that what we do is not a matter of life and death. There are more important things to concern ourselves with in our world.  

Thank you again and welcome to davi.  

You are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime.  



Let’s dream again. Let’s take on something bigger than ourselves. 

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