Tired & Broke.


I sat there. Tired. Exhausted. Anxious. Broke. 

I had very little left in the checking account. Savings depleted. Retirement depleted. Credit Card balances climbing higher. My financial status mirrored my emotional status — empty — nothing left in the tank. Running on fumes.

We just finished a 3rd product review and I hated everything. Confidence was gone. “How many months of cash do I have left to find a job?”, I thought to myself. I took a sip of my Tiger beer and focused back in on the conversation. I was sitting, having lunch with the chief executive of our footwear manufacture.

“We need to start making decisions, Gabe”, he said.

“Easy for you to say, your entire life is not riding on this”, I thought to myself. “You’re not the one miles away from home for weeks trying to make this work,” another quiet thought. I glanced out the window to see a group of 60-year-olds doing group calisthenics in the park across the street. The thought of that sounded pleasing, because for me failure was real, apparent, and eminent. People close to the project were beginning to bail and second guess me, so I began second guessing myself.


I took another sip of beer and looked at the chief executive. I told him everything. I opened up. This was no longer about business, this was me being real — being open.


He took it all in, took a sip of his cocktail, sat back and crossed his legs and hands over his lap. He was preparing for a statement. He looked at me squarely.

“Gabe, how many shoe brands have you built?”

“None, this is my first”, I said.

“Right” he replied, “well, this is not my first.” Emphatically.


“Let us take care of the product” he iterated, “you just take care of the rest.”

Mutual trust.

I sipped my beer and nodded; a weight had been lifted off my chest. Confidence returned. This was the affirmation I needed to move forward. It was the realization that my fear was getting in the way. My “worry” had paralyzed all forward movement. This was NOT davi.

Honesty. Transparency. Trust.

Honesty, transparency and trust in the face of fear. This is davi.

These are the things we are built on. It is not just business. It is personal. What we do will be greater than what we say. Your money is a derivative of your time and we believe your time is the most important thing you have in the world. As our consumer, partner, or vendor, we will honor that. That’s our stance. That is what makes us different.

This is davi.

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